The company’s history begins in 2004 with the registration of UZP & Sons, which was transformed in 2010 into “Pagacz & Sons” Ltd.

The company is located in Toruń – the town which have been historically associated with the military, where the Polish Artillery School is situated, also JTAC, and Sharpshooter Training Center as well.

The town is connected well with capital city – Warsaw and other towns, thanks to a direct access to the A1 motorway, connecting the north to the south of Poland. There is also close to the international airport in Bydgoszcz.

Our business is based on public procurement law, and we only supply the top class equipment, offering delivery, installation, service and training support to our customers, so they can take full advantage of the delivered equipment or services.

In 2018, we officially started operating under the name Pagacz Defence Group.