We offer a wide range of products, both for the military and civilian markets. To help you familiarize with the offer, we divided it by clear categories: Land Forces, Air Force, Navy, Special Forces, Police, Civil Aviation, Public Institutions, Industry.

Land Forces – Deschamps, Fy-Composites, Teleflow, Runflat Int., Olympus, SOS Booster, CLP,
Bore Tech
Air Force – Deschamps, Olympus, SOS Booster, Moog, MSA, CLP, Bore Tech
Navy – Olympus, Moog, MSA, Pronal, Deschamps, Milfoam, CLP, Bore Tech
Special Forces – Apexo, Runflat Int., Ltc, Metravib, MSA, Fy-Composites, CLP, Bore Tech
Police – MSA, Apexo, Metravib, Fy-Composites, Olympus, CLP, Bore Tech
Civil Aviation – Deschamps, Pronal, MSA, Booster, Olympus, CLP, Bore Tech
Public Institutions – Deschamps, Pronal, Olympus, Milfoam, Bore Tech, CLP
Industry – Booster, MSA, Moog, Deschams